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Which Zone Do You Live In: Comfort or Challenge

Posted on January 16, 2013

I was giving a one-day workshop in Portland, OR, this past Saturday, on eating healthy and staying off the diet treadmill. It was great. I had a great group of people that attended our talk and demonstration of making simple and yummy foods that we then ate as a sit-down meal. O boy, and I challenged them!

One of the first things I asked them to do was to stand and repeat after me, “I am a nutritionalist, NOT a dieter. I will take responsibility for my health. I will do things for my better health.” It was awesome. They believed it heart and soul. They knew that they no longer had to meet a dieter’s code. They could live a life deprivation-free. Okay except for the peanut butter.

While I was talking with a client later that weekend, I remembered the three zones: comfort, challenge, and panic. These zones are part of our everyday lives. Most of us live in that first zone...comfort...all day everyday. We rarely step out of it. We rarely move beyond it. It's okay. It doesn't require too much thinking or too much responding. Comfort.

Not this past weekend. It was about stepping into the challenge zone. I was able to find an area of one or two attendees that was just outside of their comfort zone, and just into their challenge zone and get them to see it. They responded beautifully. It was really special. I hope that it was because I did the revealing with great love and deep respect for who these people are and what they are capable of. But they did it.

“I am a nutritionalist, NOT a dieter.”

One of the attendees shared that she was in the store the next day after the class doing her shopping, and in the isle she repeated this mantra, and laughed. This is good. That means that she is already standing in her challenge zone with both feet and having a laugh. And a side benefit was that she just boosted her immunity by doing that.

I would like to end with this image and a thought.
If you live your life in your comfort zone, what are you missing?
Or what if there was no such thing as failure, what would you be doing right now?


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